Personal Life

John Redmond is the Assistant Manager of the supermarket he and Kayleigh work at.

He lives alone and when he isn't working, he's driving his mum to zumba classes or power-washing her stone cladding, watching Brian Cox documentaries, or playing small gigs with his friend Jim and their band, Compendium.

Just before Christmas 2014, John's dad passed away after being ill for a long time with various problems. John had a month's leave from work.

Childhood and Early Life

When John was younger, they had a family dog until other dogs with unknown owners attacked it and it died. He and his brother Paul took it to the pet cemetery to bury it.

His family also never had a car and used to take the train to have days at the seaside.

Past Relationships


One of John's previous serious girlfriends. They met on a train for a University open day and struck up a conversation, then later met again on a campus tour and travelled home together, sharing a Wimpy. On one of their dates, John's Wimpy gave him food poisoning and he threw up on his hand in Woolworths. Anna was a vegetarian, since married with 2 kids after she broke up with John due to going to Uni and meeting someone else. John did briefly visit her in her University halls but it wasn't suited to him, and although Anna was the one to dump John, she tried to rekindle their relationship 6 months later claiming she'd changed her mind to which John declined.


John's next serious relationship after Anna. They lived together and were engaged, and in 2012 went on holiday together to Bugibba, Malta. They never got a chance to set a date for their wedding since John accidentally recorded himself on the phone to his dad, telling him how unhappy he was since he and Charlotte hadn't been getting on for a while and had been arguing. Arriving home, Charlotte played the message back and heard the entire conversation and shortly after their relationship ended. For three weeks after, John didn't eat because of the emotional stress he experienced due to the circumstances of the break-up.


In SE1E01, John has a work appraisal. He mentions he might be getting put forward for a promotion and that he's been put in charge of organising Christmas at the store - including getting together a Christmas team.

Extra Trivia

John drives a red Fiat 500L car with a temperamental Sat Nav system.