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Peter Kay's Car Share is a British sitcom created by Paul Coleman and Tim Reid, written by Paul Coleman, Peter Kay, Sian Gibson, and Tim Reid, and starring Peter Kay and Sian Gibson alongside guest star roles. 'Car Share' follows supermarket employees John Redmond (Assistant Manager) and Kayleigh Kitson (Promotions Representative) on their journeys to and from work together thanks to their employment's new Car Share scheme. Peter Kay also directed both series of the show.

Reception and Popularity

'Car Share' has received plenty of critical acclaim and an outpouring of love and praise from fans, becoming one of the most-watched comedies on TV.

Record-Breaking Hit Comedy

The second series of the show which aired in April 2017 broke BBC iPlayer viewing records, amassing 2.5 million requests, and the first episode had over 8 million TV viewers. BBC executives were "knocked for six" at the overwhelming support of the show from viewers.


  • Best Comedy - National Television Awards (2016)
  • Best Male Comedy Performance - BAFTA TV Awards (2016)
  • Best Scripted Comedy - BAFTA TV Awards (2016)


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